Dating a Russian woman…

She might be looking like a 15-years old girl but have a heart of a lion, wise and generous. She might be impulsive and emotional but be supportive and inspirational.


I asked my Russian girls to answer few questions about the relationship and roles of the man and women. I hope it can help you to understand "What we are?", “What is important for us?”. However, I will not answer the question “what to do?” with all of that. It might be interesting to find out yourself.

Our point of view.

  • What is the most important in the relationship?

Answer. We all read different books when we were children, we had different education and family. Therefore, we all have different standards and principles. However, it is important for us that our partner had the similar principles about life, relationship, and family. We should also have similar VISION of the future of our relationship, it could be family, house, activities and other life-important things. Another thing which arises is TRUST with a capital letter. And this is trust not only about being faithful but being reliable. Whatever happens, we are a team, we are on each other's side, listening, understanding and supporting each other.
And of course, physical and mental attraction, CHEMISTRY. We want not only body attraction but mental as well. As you know, "Smart is the new sexy".

  • Is the relationship has a goal?

Answer. Girls' answers are rather funny: "I didn't have a particular goal when we started to date, I just wanted attention, spending time together and bla, bla, bla". But going further, every single one answered at the end: "Of course, it should be marriage, family, children…" Oh, Girls….

Even every kiss has a purpose, then the relationship should develop for a specific goal (see above).

  • Qualities that a man should have:

Answer. Again, the answers are identical: "He has to be a man"! I'll tell you what does it mean.

We truly value the followings. If he promised something, we believe that he will do it. Because we believe in him. Otherwise, our happy end of the fairy tale is not happy.

Never a knight in shining armor was lazy.

So, we appreciate the help and taking care of technical part of the house and relationship: to repair a teapot, or build an IKEA cupboard. What is more important for us is to be sure that repaired teapot is not gonna flame up and IKEA cupboard is not gonna fall on our heads. This means RELIABLE, again. With the interesting person, you will never be bored or stuck. We have many activities and we truly support the growth, the interest, the ambitious, the reach unlimited view and desire to discover new things which feed our bottomless souls.

  • What about the presents?

Every woman wants to be cherished, special. We like presents, we like flowers. However, in every relationship this is different. The present is the sign of attention, especially, when they are related to our interests, our personality. Presents connected with emotions are also very pleasant.

  • What about the emotions? ("Why are you even asking this question????!!!!")

We have very wide range of emotions. Someone said one time: "Woman remember everything, even what hasn't happened yet." True. Unfortunately, you have to be prepared that the mood can change from the offended crying angry girl to the wonder woman who can save the world, and you, together with the world. We can be crying because of the sad and tragic end of the film, or of the inspiring speech of the famous person which touches to the depth of the soul.
The only advice for you guys: don't cry together with us. We need your "supporting" hug in this moment.

I promise that we will cry less when we trust you more. We work on it.

  • What can you give to your man?

Interesting question. I would say that this process is mutual. If we want the relationship to develop we will not only satisfy the needs of each other but inspire each other for growth, support each other and take care of each other fueling our dreams.

Every action has a reaction

  • What are the roles of a man and a woman?

Have you ever heard of the International division of labor? When details produced in China and gathered together in Germany to have a finished product at the end. Each country could do all the production themselves, however, it is cheaper and more productive to cooperate.

Like China and Germany, Man and Woman also divide the duties. In each relationship is different: man has a job and woman is a housekeeper or another way around, or both work and take care of children and house in varying degrees. Important is that man and woman collect the same puzzle together when every single small piece counts on the behalf of "happily ever after" life.

P.S. if you found this article is too demanding read answer number 6. Or write your own article – it is always interesting to see the other side.

From Russia with love, D.

Thanks to every girl for answering my survey.

Daria Orlova

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