4 Ammazing Ski-Trips

Skiing in the Alps was my strong childhood dream. But it was just a Dream because it was too expensive to fly from Ekaterinburg...15 years later, this childhood dream was realized. And it was bad...very bad...

"Еду и реву" (Skiing and crying) or My First ever experience in Austrian Alps

I went to Pitzaler Gletscher, with the highest summit of 3,440 m. I never was in such a high ski-resort. I used to ski in the area with flat ski-slopes, and the slope length was max. 1 km. However, it is incomparable with what I experienced in the Alps. The easiest ski-slope in Pitzal was twice more difficult than I used to ski before! In the Ural, I was a good skier with a good technique. In the Alps, I started all over again.
My first ski downhill took me near 30 minutes. My German friends, waiting downstairs, already lost all the patience and hope, while I was struggling upstairs. I could not name "this" skiing. I was crying, hysterically, really. My muscles were numb. I could make only three turns, and then I had to stop to feel legs again. It was my first try since 3 years break at least. This day I managed to make only 5 downhills. I was very very disappointed and scared.
However, when I came back home safe, I booked another ski-trip with the full confidence that next time would be better.

And it happened...

My favorite ski-resort so far - Hochzillertal

It's always great to have a good company traveling into the mountains with you. We booked a skibus taking us from Munich to ski-resort in the Alps. It's very convenient, no one gets lost, and they even give you a coffee and a brezel for the breakfast.
By arrival, we changed, left our stuff in the bus, and took a lift on the top. This time I chose the easiest track, and I wasn't mistaken. 10 downhills and I felt again confident and fearless. Moreover, the hope of great ski-experience came to me as a cup of hot cacao! (In any hopeless situation - drink cacao).
This day I was happy, just happy. On the way back, we even got a German friend and lost the time in interesting conversation.

Zugspitze: too long to be canceled

Usually, to go to the ski-trip I wake up at 5, at 6.20 I'm in the bus already. However, this resort in Bayern, only 1,5 h away from Munich, so I woke up at 7 (quite late). It's very close, and even if you ask in the information center about Garmischer Ski-Ticket - you will pay only 56 EUR.
In the morning, I had a feeling that I shouldn't go. And I was right. When we arrived in Garmisch, we had already heard that the resort might be closed due to the difficult weather conditions. To go to the top, we had to take (as usual) the lift and train up. However, this "usual" was too long - almost 2 h: 40 min in the valley, and then, 1h 20 min another lift went up.
It was a storm there, only 1 or 2 slopes were open. We gave a try: I could barely see anything. It was White mist, snowing, windy, simply dangerous. It was difficult to identify where was up or down.

"If I'm lost, no one will be able to find me".

Even if the slope was not too steep and even if I liked the fresh snow, I couldn't make it. So, it was my second bad experience(((
The big disadvantage is a long way from Central station to Zugspitze - about 3,5 h altogether. (Hochzillertal - only 2 h by bus and no need to change trains).
The advantage is that Garmisch itself is just 1,5 h - super close, and there's a resort Garmisch-Classic, which is not too high, but still good for skiing. I'll try that.

Recent and the best experience Hohczillertal

That was really the best! Maybe because I was in Russian-speaking community, maybe because I had enough confidence, maybe a glass of champagne relaxed me at the end, maybe it was again my favorite Hochzillertal.

I really wanted to meet the Russian people in Munich. It finally happened when a friend of my friend gave a phone of one guy who gave a phone of another guy (или подруга моей подруги дала телефон одного парня, который дал телефон другого другого)))
So, I got into the Russian-speaking skiing/snowboarding/science community. These guys are very nice! And honestly, it was my perfect (so far) ski trip.
We took a package of DriveNow - BMW X-Class, Ski-pass inc.

It was just fun, nice lunch and cacao again (oh, I know it's all about cacao!), and even the glass of champagne on the top of the world (my World). And after, when I feel pain in my muscles, it means that the trip was successful!

Pure happiness and satisfaction!

Merry Christmass!

I wish you all the best for Christmas!
Even if the ski-trip is bad, make sure that you travel with good people, they won't let you down!

I wish you Hope!
Drink cacao, it's pure happiness.

Do not give up!
If the first try is not successful, give it some more time.


Daria Orlova

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