Rotterdam: the city below the clouds

My flight was on time, it was very comfortable, but I was a little nervous, or maybe just exhausted after an intense working week. Flying is always exhilarating for me, I'm always curious what is waiting for me on the other side of the World.

I was impressed how heavy were the clouds when we were landing. Our tiny airplane was making its way through the murky and shadowy thunderclouds. But I couldn't expect that beneath was the lovely land. Holland is the beautiful country below the clouds.

After landing in Schiphol airport, I had to wait. And it was the first time when I really paid attention to the people in the arrival area - lots of LOVE. People were meeting each other after the long or short time. I saw an old man meeting his beloved wife. They were both already with the grey hair, but they looked at each other like they just fell in love.

There was another funny picture in the arrival area. The group of people with flowers and balloons was meeting the young woman. Seems like she was away very long time, so the whole family came to meet her: her parents, spouse, siblings, her children, friends, and even her dog. Of course, for me, the cutest moment was when the dog (it was a puddle) started licking her face and jumping for joy.

I have realized that those are the happy moments of our daily life. Kissing, hugging, smiling, laughing, also crying for happiness, all of that brings the joy to our lives.

We were driving around 1 hour to Rotterdam. I absolutely love traveling by car on a passenger seat: you can look around and also feel the road. Good music or nice conversation are good friends of mine.

Just to give you an idea what is Rotterdam. This is the city of 635,389 people living here. Near the seafront, on the walking area, the flags of all the nationalities living in the city were fluttering. Everywhere I could hear a different language and see different fashion styles. Correct me if I am wrong but Rotterdam is the city of Tolerance. Can you imagine app. 170 nationalities live together on the 32 hectares? Without kindness and respect living here would be hardly possible. The real proof for this is the street where you can find all worldwide specialties - international shops and restaurants are next to each other without causing problems for their neighbors.

We stopped for a meal in the restaurant "La place" in the most popular shopping area Beurstraverse (correct me if the name is wrong)))). I took a delicious pease soup and even had a time for a picture (#Merezhki):

I was lucky because this time the book festival was taking place in Rotterdam Ahoy. It was possible to buy books for 2-9 EUR, which is super cheap. Unfortunately, I couldn't carry more than two in my luggage((((

On the way home we had a magnificent view of the Erasmus bridge. It was open at end of 20th century. Few more objects were named after an Erasmus like Erasmus Medical Center, Erasmus University. Therefore, this name is closely related to the city.

I think I found my favorite spot in the city. The Rotterdam was bombed to the ground during the II World War. Therefore, today, this is the brand new city with famous companies' headquarters, glass skyscrapers, and other modern architecture. In between those giants the hotel New York is hidden, named after the dream-city where many people had gone back in the days.

I thought that Rotterdam is a sad and grey city, however, despite the business atmosphere, there was no stress but relax and chill.

P.S.: I know you are curious about the weather! The sun is a rare guest in Rotterdam, so, it's not a place for spoiled princesses ;)

Rotterdam is the city of the Future which has already come... Thanks to my friend for showing me R'dam.

Daria Orlova

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